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The Revision Guides also serve as tuition materials and syllabuses. These are available FREE to download. This is immensely beneficial to schools and clubs wishing to offer structured courses, as they can obtain the tuition materials FREE of charge and to students, as they can revise at home from the FREELY accessible information. The Revision Guides have been prepared by Grand Masters, including a former British Champion, and have been developed and trialled extensively on coaching courses since 2004. The improvement in the playing standard of the body of attendees has been dramatic.


Institute of Chess (IoC) aims primarily to raise the standard of chess education in the UK and, as a consequence, to reverse the low level of recognition of chess by the education authorities. Up to now, structured courses and supervised written chess exams have been scarce in comparison to the multitude of participants, including the many who just play for fun rather than in public competitions. In many parts of the world, the benefits of chess skill in mainstream education (problem-solving, decision-making etc.) are well-recognised and strongly supported by the State. There are many international studies endorsing these benefits. The opportunity for players to study chess and be rewarded with certificates for passing traditional exams is also widely available elsewhere - some countries even have specialist Chess schools.

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These courses are suitable for players of up to County Open level, junior or adult. Novices can soon take Level 1. Even quite strong, experienced players can further improve from studying Level 5. The courses are ideal for those who run chess clubs or other coaching groups and would like to teach their members to play better.

We hope you will gain more satisfaction from your chess as your knowledge and skills grow and that you will enjoy these courses on the way.

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