Institute of Chess Syllabuses

Level 1:  The Board; the Pieces and their values; Check, Checkmate and Stalemate; Castling;    Illegal Moves.

Level 2: Notation; Annotation symbols; Checking and Checkmating; Sacrifices; Stalemate; Forks,                    Pins and Skewers; Doubling Up; the 7th Rank; Overloading; Opening Principles; Attacking  and Defending Pieces; Tournament Chess.

Level 3: From this point, topics are covered in much greater detail. Basic Endgame concepts;                    Combinations; Tactical ideas; some e4 and d4 Opening theory; more on Attacking and  Defending.

Level 4: Advanced Endgame Concepts; more Tactics; Positional concepts; more Opening theory.

Level 5: Advanced Opening and Middlegame Themes; Advanced Endgame Theory involving                             Combinations of Pieces; Psychology.

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